Had the wonderful Kelly Guy out today for Pru's massage session, anyone who follows this page will probably have gathered by now that Pru is by no means an easy horse 😂🙈 He’s an extremely opinionated, highly strung, feisty, stubborn Arabian ex racer but honestly I can’t recommend Kelly enough, she was so patient with him, worked on his terms and explained everything she was doing as she went, it was really interesting and after a bit he even let his guard down and started to enjoy it 😊

The whole idea was just to get him a bit more comfortable going into winter with the cold weather as he struggles with his muscles being tense and she did a fab job, anyone in the midlands area if your looking for a back lady to give your horses a pamper I highly recommend contacting Kelly through her page Kelly Guy Equestrian.  

— Donya stokes 

"A friend of mine recommended Kelly when I lost confidence with my 4 year old horse Lola. Kelly gave me lessons and accompanied me in hacks where she was always very friendly, encouraging, professional and understanding. She gave us clear and consistent guidance so that I am now able to enjoy riding again.
— Wendy Elton"

"I have been receiving lessons from Kelly for about 4 months now. My confidence is growing tremendously with every step after a couple of bad experiences on my horse. I find Kelly patient, very informative and extremely professional. She will always answer any questions and concerns with a great deal of knowledge and has a great deal of personal experience to call upon. I find her very intuitive to the needs of her client with a lovely friendly approachable manner". 
— Claire smith


"I highly recommend Kelly guy to everyone who asks for help with their horses regardless how big or small the requirements, Kelly had helped me with my young horse and my self confidence and we are loving life now thanks to her expertise, amazing confidence giving skills and friendly manner towards horse and rider.
Thank you so much Kelly!"
— Lyn Gent

"I am happy to highly recommend Kelly to people of all abilities.  I am a “happy hacker!” and Kelly came out on hacks with me as well as teaching me in the school.
I also have health issues which limit my ability to tack up, mount and my generally riding, Kelly was wonderful and did research for various ways of helping me, she has been absolutely invaluable in enabling me to carry on riding."
— Kerry Sharpe

Kelly comes to my yard every week to give me a lesson, to say he has been a challenge at some points is being polite, Kelly has turned what could have been a disastrous partnership into we are finally getting there..we have been out and doing ODE. She is extremely patient when I am not she gets on and puts everything right that I have aggravated, she will walk ODE courses with me, give advice at the side of the dressage arena, she has also offered to ride him x country to pick his pace up (completely mad as he has bolted with me!!) she has spent time getting to know us so pushes all the right buttons to get the best out of us. I cannot recommend her enough she is excellent at what she does

— Andrea Channing

I have been to quite a few of Kelly's clinics now and I can't recommend them enough! From xc to grids Kelly is amazing. Even though there are a few riders in each group Kelly really makes use of the time and we always get a lot done. Kelly pushes me to do things that she knows we are capable of, yet she is very understanding of rider issues, confidence etc. After the fantastic grid clinic today I cant wait for the next one! Thanks Kelly

 Megan Ferguson