Sponsored Riders

I’m Becki I’m 25 and started properly riding about two years ago!


Prior to this I was a happy hacker (think donkey ride on the beach) I knew just enough to steer and stop! I was quite happy doing this until I was offered a mare that enjoyed jumping! As soon as I had a go at getting over a cross pole I decided I wanted to do more of this! 


I was very lucky and Chelsea the horse I was given took me from poles on the floor to jumping round 70cm courses and also helped me attempt cross country (the first time I was so scared I didn’t jump a single thing and just sat and cried) 

For most of last year me and Bridget were eliminated from everything, I tried cross country on her for the first time and couldn’t get her to even trot round the field let alone jump anything! It was soul destroying and heart breaking as I knew it was my inability holding her back, but once the bad habits are established they are incredibly hard to break! 


Fast forward a year and her napping is still problem at competitions and this is something Kelly’s working hard with me on! However we are now schooling and competing round 80/90 cross country and showjumping fences, we compete at prelim dressage and are generally in the high 60%!

What I didn’t realise was that Chelsea did everything for me. October 2016 I saw the advert for Bridget, she was advertised as a school master and I was told she would take me from 70 up and above a meter. 


She certainly did this but it hasn’t been an easy ride! Bridget quickly realised I had no idea what I was doing and learnt how to scare me so she got out of work! It was at this point I started going to clinics and having lessons so that I could actually learn how to ride! 


It was then I realised how little I knew, I though when you walked a Showjumping course you just look for the numbers, not that there’s these things called strides that you have to work out for your horse, I also had no idea what a related distance or a dog leg was, so quite frankly I was clueless! 

We also attempting the Wobbleberry 2018 challenge and aim to complete our BE80 by the end of the season! 


I now also have another mare ‘Vera’ she is an ex racehorse that I’m an also aiming to event, this year I will Be focusing on building Vera up and getting her confidently competing out showjumping round 80/90 courses as well as lots of cross country schooling ready for next year! 


If you see us out and about please come and say hi!