About Me

I started riding when I was 10 years old and I instantly fell in love with the sport. 

After only 3 months my non horsey parents bought me my first pony. Being novices and this is a mistake a lot of people do. We bought a pony (Hector) that turned out to be a nightmare. I spent more time being thrown on the floor than I did riding him during the first 12 months of our partnership. This was a steep learning curve but I never gave up and I continued to master his ways. During our 16 years together we attended a few local shows, hunting and pony club camp. Sadly though he developed a bad case of copd and went into early retirement after 4 years of me having him then he became a companion and loyal friend. 

At the age of 15 I started eventing with the Pony Club on my second awesome new forest pony (Kevin), this was the first pony I had broken and produced myself, Kevin went on to qualify for many big B.S.J.A competitions with a smaller rider.

Age 16 I started working on a hunting yard during the season, moving to work on a showjumping yard during the summer, then returning to the hunting yard for a second season before moving to Ireland to for-fill my ambition of working and riding race horses. Gaining lots of valuable experience and big amounts of confidence  while riding on the gallops, over fences and in the mountains around the yard.

Feeling home sick I returned to England so that I could continue my career with race horses and in other areas, this included being a professional jockey competing in flat races, some freelance riding and being a freelance groom. I also secured a role working as a stud groom also during this time going into partnership breaking, schooling and bringing horses on professionally for owners and to sell on. When I Returned to England I couldn't be all work and no play so I brought myself a lovely Palamino youngster (Caramac) to bring on and compete. During this time I had great fun competing him at local level and winning showjumping championship. I still keep in regular contact with Caramac and he is enjoying his older days now with a friend. Upon falling pregnant with my daughter I took a break from working as a horse professional, still keeping and enjoying my own during this time.

Now with a young family I had to rethink my profession and being a professional jockey wasn't sometimes the best for my families interests so I turned my attention to teaching and helping others learn from my experiences.

Elizabeth my daughter has also inherited the buzz for eventing and together with her pony Prince has now started eventing through the Pony Club.


Enjoying the rewards of helping and encouraging people to reach their goals and seeing the smiles on their faces, I knew this was the perfect direction for me and what I continue to love.